Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Reichen on NPH's outing

So media personna are not "outed"... they're "lanced"... as Reichen Lehmkuhl told the Associated Press earlier today. What's the difference? And why should we care?

To be outed would be someone who has had sex with you coming forward and publicly admitting the event. WHile "lancing" refers to coming under questions about your sexual orientation through media speculation.


Reichen seems to believe that neither is helpful to the gay community.... I, on the other hand, completely disagree. While, he is correct in saying that a person, no mater how famous h/she is, should have the ability to decide what the public knows about his/her private life, he beleives it demonizes gay people by taking the issue out of their hands.

So... while Reichen is doing his best to immortalize his lover's name with a lowercase dictionary entry, this writer hopes for "knighted" to be the new buzz word instead. Sounds so much more positive than being "lanced".... in fact, the current dictionary entry for lanced is:

  • lance
  • Function: verb
  • Inflected Form(s): lanced; lancĀ·ing
  • Etymology: Middle English launcen, from Anglo-French lancer, from Late Latin lanceare, from Latin lanceatransitive verb
  • 1 a : to pierce with or as if with a lance b : to open with or as if with a lancet {to lance a boil}
  • 2 : to throw forward : HURL
  • intransitive verb : to move forward quickly

Hopefully this word will not catch on... cause I wouldn't want a fag to be equated with a boil....


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