Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Sordid Lives...

So, if you've never seen the movie adaptation of Del SHores' Sordid Lives I HIGHLY reccomend it. Shores' plays deal with issues of love, sexuality, bigorty and redemption... all served on a plate of lovely Southern hospitality. But according to 247gay news, the producers of a local Naskville Talk Show weren't interesting in Southern Hospitality.

Talk of the Town producers canceled a segment of their show where Leslie Jordan and Delta Burke were scheduled to promote the touring shows, Sordid Lives and Southern Baptist Sissies, when they found out the subject matter of the show and deemed it "offensive" to thier conservative viewership.

I'f I'm not mistaken... that's the point of writing these plays.... to highlight the bigotry of the Southern conservatives.... If they ahd not allowed someone to come on the show to talk about A Raisin in the Sun or some other show about race relations.... Americans would be in an uproar!! But not when it comes to the faggot!! I love how we are the ONLY demographic that it is still legal to discriminate against!! If only we lived in a pefect world... Until then, I'll still do my part to shake the foundation of marriage as we know it... cause it's an rchaic institution anyway...


Blogger jason dottley said...

my name is jason dottley and i produce the tour with delta and leslie -- and del shores is my husband. thank you so much for blogging your support. we really appreciate it. if you can make it up to nashville this weekend, it will be well worth the drive!

take care,
jason dottley
(Ty in the tour and upcoming series)

5:41 PM  

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