Friday, November 17, 2006

Sunday Music Extravaganza!!

Ok, so it's a few days lately... but I've been busy.... I'm trying to graduate from college this semester, and these teachers are driving me crazy... but I wanted to expose all of my dear readers to this amazing new artist... well, I don't know new he is.... but I hadn't heard of him until recently... and I cannot stop playing his stuff. It's CAZWELL...

Yea... that's a hot video isn't it?!?! And boys... he's one of us!! Yea... he's totally family!! I'm so happy there's actually good music from a "gay" artist!!

If you'd like more info about him... you can go to his site... or you can pick up his album at West End Records

Well That's about all for today.... hopefully I can keep this thing up-to-date....

Coming up next... The GayborhoodWatch... I'm looking for hot guys to show off... so keep your eyes posted.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I think this photo that i found on I bet after sex he smokes a ham... sums up my feeling on the state of the nation!!


Well.. it seems that because of the rise in the number of homosexuals that actuall identify themselves has increased at a aster rate than ever... we need to get out and vote... because we can actually change the outcome of elections..... and create much needed run-on sentences!!


Reichen on NPH's outing

So media personna are not "outed"... they're "lanced"... as Reichen Lehmkuhl told the Associated Press earlier today. What's the difference? And why should we care?

To be outed would be someone who has had sex with you coming forward and publicly admitting the event. WHile "lancing" refers to coming under questions about your sexual orientation through media speculation.


Reichen seems to believe that neither is helpful to the gay community.... I, on the other hand, completely disagree. While, he is correct in saying that a person, no mater how famous h/she is, should have the ability to decide what the public knows about his/her private life, he beleives it demonizes gay people by taking the issue out of their hands.

So... while Reichen is doing his best to immortalize his lover's name with a lowercase dictionary entry, this writer hopes for "knighted" to be the new buzz word instead. Sounds so much more positive than being "lanced".... in fact, the current dictionary entry for lanced is:

  • lance
  • Function: verb
  • Inflected Form(s): lanced; lancĀ·ing
  • Etymology: Middle English launcen, from Anglo-French lancer, from Late Latin lanceare, from Latin lanceatransitive verb
  • 1 a : to pierce with or as if with a lance b : to open with or as if with a lancet {to lance a boil}
  • 2 : to throw forward : HURL
  • intransitive verb : to move forward quickly

Hopefully this word will not catch on... cause I wouldn't want a fag to be equated with a boil....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Sordid Lives...

So, if you've never seen the movie adaptation of Del SHores' Sordid Lives I HIGHLY reccomend it. Shores' plays deal with issues of love, sexuality, bigorty and redemption... all served on a plate of lovely Southern hospitality. But according to 247gay news, the producers of a local Naskville Talk Show weren't interesting in Southern Hospitality.

Talk of the Town producers canceled a segment of their show where Leslie Jordan and Delta Burke were scheduled to promote the touring shows, Sordid Lives and Southern Baptist Sissies, when they found out the subject matter of the show and deemed it "offensive" to thier conservative viewership.

I'f I'm not mistaken... that's the point of writing these plays.... to highlight the bigotry of the Southern conservatives.... If they ahd not allowed someone to come on the show to talk about A Raisin in the Sun or some other show about race relations.... Americans would be in an uproar!! But not when it comes to the faggot!! I love how we are the ONLY demographic that it is still legal to discriminate against!! If only we lived in a pefect world... Until then, I'll still do my part to shake the foundation of marriage as we know it... cause it's an rchaic institution anyway...

And Another One Bites the Dust...

So.... I have little to say about the homobigot, Ted Haggard


.... Regardless of what he has said on numerous interviews... and as little by little, the pieces of information fell into place.... He told his congregation, in a letter[umm...isn't that like dumping a boy with a text message?]

"The fact is, I am guilty of sexual immorality, and I take responsibility for the entire problem. I am a deceiver and a liar. There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I've been warring against it all of my adult life."

Yea, he's been warring against it... standing in his televised pulpit and screaming the anti-gay rhetoric that continues to plague this country.... and Ironically enough... It was that televised pulpit that enlightened Mike Jones as to his real identity.... and the message of his hypocritical sermons!!

Now, as he will be under supervision "Dr." James Dobson and others of the Relgious Reich, I'm quite sure we will hear from him as he emerges from his "Ex-gay" rehab.... as rehab is the only answer for our homobigots... it's the answer to an problems.... IT'S A DAMN VACATION!!

As for Gayle, his wife, she plans to "stand by [her] man".... What a dumb bitch!! The homobigot is a faggot!! You should understand that!! Even though he fathered 5 children, he more than likely fantasized about his homo-hustler that he saw ONCE A MONTH for a "massage" and to buy... but never smoke, snort, or inject "Tina" [meth]!!


As I'm sure you can tell, these homobigots really get me fired up!! I plan on posting more today... hopefully less of a serious nature.... so as to reduce the sting of this rant!!

Thanks to the wonderful guys at TowleRoad for these great images and research they did to help uncover the truth of this lying homobigot

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Musical Extravaganza

Recently, my friends over at Queerty posted some Scissor Sisters. My favorite song on the album, Ta-Dah is definitely "Kiss You Off".... but I was very disappointed when I saw this video on Queerty... Ana sings it... And I'm jsut in love with the homo-front man Jake Shears... So, I found this video of a performance of "Everybody Wants the Same Thing".... and dear ole Jake is just as queer as I expected!!!

Ohh the dirty things I would totally do to Mr. Shears.... grrrr.... Hopefuly one of these days I'll actually get to meet him in Person.... Although I doubt I would be able to say a single word to him.... or hide my.... affection!!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jesus is our Homeboy!!

BryanBoy has recently come under some scrutiny for posting a photograph of one of his fans posing in front of a crucifix.... Well... all I have to say is way to go Bryanboy!! In fact, I like the photo so much, I'm going to post it here...

Photo courtesy of JunkLady and ZombieCoterie

IN fact, if any of you have any photos of you in front of a Jesus statue.... especially doing anything even remotely scandalous... send em on.... I'm sending out a call for Dirty Jesus Photos.... I saw a pic not too long ago of a guy basically molesting a statue of Jesus.... hopefully I can get more of these.... I know that these statues are all over the South... so I'll be on the look out for them!!!

Doogie Howser admits, "I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest"

Yay!! the day after I start this site... Neil Patrick Harris comes out fo the closet... and with a very simple statement about being PROUD of being a gay man!! This writer is enthusiastically jumping and dancing a nice Irish jig...


So in the past 4 months, 3 different big name actors have come out of the closet...
T.R. Knight
and now NPH!!!

Let's jsut hope that Ted Haggard will just go ahead and admit to his affair with Mike Jones...
Instead, He's admitted that he bought meth... but never used it and never had gay sex...
Who buys drugs not to take them!! Was he jsut doing his part to clean up the streets of Colorado Springs? I know plenty of Meth heads that would quite pissed about this!!

I guess I'm just starting off with rants... hopefully this will evolve into something much mroe substantial!!

This week on The Gayborhood Watch

I think starting off with the photos from these delicious French boys is quite fitting.... So here's a few of them...